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Liz Doherty


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For the past fourteen years, the reclusive Liz Doherty has written candidly about her adventures in the San Francisco Craigslist personals in the mid-2000s. She took down her popular blog, Liz Doherty’s Dirty Words, as she left the Bay Area and returned to her East Coast birthplace after lengthy stops in Vermont, San Francisco, and northern New England. Her work has appeared in Bareback Magazine, the SoMa Literary Review, the Bad Date Zine, eyegoneblack, and Flatman CROOKED. She does her best to keep her identity hidden, for everyone’s privacy. Liz holds a BA in Journalism and works as a freelance copy editor. When she isn’t watching reruns of Friends, she listens to her scratched classic rock albums while cooking, gardening, editing, writing, and playing Scrabble.

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